Reviewing Planters For Your Commercial Property

As you evaluating landscaping designs for your commercial property, you may arrive at the option to incorporate planters within select areas of the space. These fixtures allow you to contain specific plant choices securely. The designs available for these options may also provide you with a boost in your curb appeal. If you wish to review the inventory of planters accessible for your property, contact OCC Outdoors today.

Reviewing Planters for Your Property

The first step to choosing the right planters is to determine first what type of plants they will hold. This is an important factor as it may affect the size and shape you choose. After you make this distinction, you can examine styles that increase the appeal of the chosen landscaping and allow it to improve the overall look of your property.

Selecting the Right Materials

Your landscaper can make suggestions as to which materials you should incorporate in these designs. For instance, stainless steel and wrought-iron planters add beautiful touches to your design without the worry of durability as they are less likely to show signs of wear as other choices are. However, brass is also a viable option. The potential drawback to this selection is the need to polish and clean them more often than others.


Traditional or Color

Planters are available in a metal tone or vibrant colors. The choice to utilize color over metallics could present you with a reduction in flexibility if you wish to change your design. However, they offer you a fun way to boost the appeal of your property. If you use bright colors in your marquee, this could provide you with the option to extend the color palette into additional areas of the exterior. This could increase the appeal of your trash receptacle today.

Simple or Large-Scale

Planters allow you to place large or small fixtures into the design. Your choice should depend on the proportions of surrounding fixtures to allow you to achieve balance throughout the design and allow it to flow more naturally. This is critical to your overall landscaping design, as one ineffective placement could hinder the entire concept and reduce its appeal.

Your choices of Commercial Outdoor Furniture could increase the value of your property. Especially, when the furniture is incorporated into a landscaping design. These concepts are known for boosting the appeal of properties. This is important whether you wish to attract the attention of customers or place the building on the market. To browse the inventory of planters today, you should contact your preferred retailer.